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  • Our Mission

    CUMAnet will optimize your mortgage strategy:

    • Leverage technology to maximize applicant experience
    • Expand your mortgage operations
    • Improve pricing, compliance, reporting, and servicing workflows
    • Provide solutions for the entire mortgage life cycle
    • Enhance the strength of your mortgage portfolio
    • Become an active partner and provide you with peace of mind

    Key Benefits

    Mortgage lending is more complex than ever before. Compliance, technology, reporting, servicing, require unique skill sets and constant training and support. Mortgages are our sole focus, so we can help you:

    • Reach more members
    • Approve more qualified loan applications
    • Leverage technology to expand your origination channels
    • Improve compliance through automation and integration
    • Leverage a full, well trained professional staff to meet volume fluctuations with ease

    Flexible Solutions

    We can meet all your mortgage needs, or find a comprehensive solution to meet your unique needs.

    • If you need help with origination or just processing - or -
    • Help with expanding channels - or -
    • Servicing your current loans in your name - or -
    • Help managing your loan portfolio and ALM strategies - or -
    • All of the above

    We will work with you to find the right, balanced solution to enhance your lending strategies