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Maximize your online presence

We offer access to a customized online MortgagebotTM Web Center which includes a comprehensive tool set to help you reach more members and build your brand message. Applications then come to us and we cross all channels.

Reach More Applicants

By leveraging MortgagebotTM we help you create one integrated solution for every channel you originate through. Branch, call center, internet, and in-person. All applications feed into one system and flow into our paperless workflow.

Increase Application Volume

Now you don't have to be afraid of more applicants. Each application you receive, regardless of the origination channel, will be monitored, and supported by our experienced staff, helping you handle more applications and close more loans.



Our Technology and Experience Help You

By leveraging the most advanced technology, and partnering with industry leaders, we make technology work for you! Automation significantly improves compliance and helps you cut costs!!



Our Implementation Plan Helps You Improve

We’ll work with you to learn about your current programs (conforming, jumbo, portfolio) and automate the complex parameters. We also help you expand your product offering and enhance your members' choices -- all while keeping the process automated and trackable.


Technology enhancements dramatically improve processing, making the applicant experience less stressful.

Expanded hours allow for
consistent applicant contact

Integration of Flood, Appraisal, Credit, VOE, VOD expedite requirements

Automated workflow between your loan officers and our processors facilitate communication

Enhanced OCR, (Optical Character Recognition) integrates needed data into our system





Loan Quality

Seamless integration of systems allows us to underwrite to your standards, and help you maintain loan quality to fit your risk profiles.



Applied Technology

MortgageBotTM and MortgageFlexTM partner to create seamless integration, improve workflow, and allow for quicker application turn rates.

A Better Closing Experience

  • Provide members with one point of contact for their closing conditions
  • Handle pre-closing conditions - speak to members directly (via their preferred mode of communication - e-mail, work number, home number) to clear the loans for a quick and efficient closing
  • Type closing packages and review all loan data to ensure accurate information for closing
  • Review HUD-1 with closing agents
  • Schedule prompt loan closings
  • Become the point of contact for member's and client's closing agents to alleviate this burden on the member or client


Post Closing


  • Ensure legal compliance with mortgage closing documentation relative to federal, state, agency, investor and client guidelines
  • Utilize checklists specific to particular client guidelines
  • Review for proper documentation for saleable loans and delivery of those loans
  • Follow up on any missing documentation with members or closing agents
  • Secure required documentation to perfect client's lien position


  • Fully staffed and dedicated servicing call center to handle member and clients inquiries
  • Monitor and track escrow payments for taxes and all types of insurance (PMI, Flood, etc)
  • Book all new loans
  • Process all mortgage loan and home equity payments
  • Handle the remittance process for loans sold to Fannie and Freddie
  • Handle all collection activities on delinquent loans including foreclosure and bankruptcy issues
  • Handle insurance claim losses relating to flood and hazard
  • Reconcile all loans to close of business each day
  • Monitor unapplied payment account and apply payments as needs arise

Secondary Market and ALM Strategies

Managing interest and credit risk is more complex than ever. It is an essential part of any successful ALM strategy and a critical component of balance sheet compliance. Let our expert team help you maximize your mortgage pipeline and balance your risk strategies, including:

Secondary Market Strategies

  • Manage multiple investors
  • Comprehensive pipeline management
  • Flow and portfolio sales
  • Conforming and non-conforming solutions

Risk Management Strategies

  • Manage Credit Risk
  • Manage Interest Rate Risk
  • Manage Liquidity Risk

Pricing Strategies

  • Price to drive volume into the best product mix for your ALM strategies
  • Rate lock strategies to maximize rate locks and minimize fallout
  • Integrated pricing policies to help maintain consistency

Let us help you develop a comprehensive secondary market strategy and help take your organization to the next level in mortgage lending.