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  • Our Board

    Our Board consists of leaders from the clients we serve. They are committed to enabling CUMAnet leadership to be the most advanced and flexible solution provider in the country.

    • John Fenton, President/CEO - Affinity Federal Credit Union
    • Joseph Herbst, SVP, Chief Strategic Officer - Affinity Federal Credit Union
    • Andrew Jaeger, President/CEO - Credit Union of New Jersey
    • Darrell Blackbourn, CFO - Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union

  • Our Ownership

    Our ownership group is comprised of our core clients. They too are focused on creating the best solution provider in the industry.

Our Heritage

CUMAnet stands for Credit Union Mortgage Alliance Network. With over 16 years of mortgage operations experience... [Read More...]

Our Commitment

CUMAnet is not a lender. We are a service company formed to support your credit union. CUMAnet is dedicated to the credit union...[Read More...]